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Winter monthly stays

From October 1st to April 30th, we are offering exclusive monthly rates at our picturesque RV site.

Before you embark on your winter adventure, we want to ensure your safety and security. That's why we partner with the trusted Single Key to conduct thorough background checks.
Don't worry; if you have a clean criminal record and a reasonable credit score, this process is a breeze. If not, better save your 25$.

To get started, simply provide us with the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all adult members of your party (excluding minors). There's a nominal $25 fee per person for the background check, payable directly to Single Key.

And guess what? If you pass with flying colors and decide to stay with us, we'll deduct this amount from your first month's rent.


Monthly Rental Rate 2023: $850 + GST


We believe in fair billing, so hydro/electricity usage is metered separately and billed at cost. You'll only pay for what you use.

Plus, your winter wonderland experience includes:

✅ 50GB of Wi-Fi

✅ Access to a heated dishwashing facility

✅ Heated bathrooms

✅ A reliable source of drinking water

Please note that during the winter months, there is no water available on the sites, and the sanidump facility is closed until spring.

This is not a long term rental as sites are reserved and booked after April 30th - Above mentionned price only valid until April 30th maximum.

If you want to move on please fill out the form below and thoroughly read the conditions in detail as they are legally binding and strictly enforced.

Application for winter stay


This Winter Monthly Stay Agreement ("Agreement") is a legally binding contract between you (referred to as "Customer" or "You") and Caribou RV Park (referred to as "Company," "We," or "Us").

By making a reservation and staying at our RV Park, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. **Stay Period**:

Your stay at the RV Park may begin no earlier than October 1st and must conclude no later than April 30th.

2. **Extended Stay**:

If you wish to extend your stay beyond April 30th, you must book additional days online and pay the online price per site, subject to site availability.

3. **Background Check**:

To be eligible for accommodation at our RV Park, you are required to pass a background check administered by the company "Single Key." The cost of this background check, which is $25, is your responsibility and must be paid prior to your arrival. If you pass the background check, we will deduct the $25 fee from your first invoice as a refund.

A real credit card is needed to do the background check. If you have no credit card, you can't apply.

4. **Nature of Agreement**:

This Agreement is not a traditional monthly rental agreement but rather a short-term daily accumulated days agreement. We do not provide accommodations but offer a parking spot for your RV for a specified number of days as agreed upon.

5. **No Address Registration**:

You are expressly prohibited from using the RV Park address for any form of address registration. This Agreement does not grant you the status of a tenant, and it is strictly for parking purposes.

6. **Mobility Requirement**:

Your RV must remain mobile at all times during your stay. It is not to be permanently affixed to the site or otherwise rendered immobile.

7. **Cancellation by Company**:

We reserve the right to cancel this daily agreement without any advance notice and request that you vacate the premises immediately. In such cases, you waive any rights to continue your stay, and we may refund any prepaid fees for the remaining days of your stay, if applicable.

By making a reservation and staying at our RV Park, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these general conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the termination of your stay without a refund.

I, the undersigned Customer, acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to be bound by them.

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